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It places a lower value on the remaining inventory and a higher value on the cost of goods sold, thus reducing income and taxes. Shifting income or expenses from one year to another in order to have them fall where it will be taxed at a lower rate.

There will be some who break even. In general, you're better this year, but your situation might dictate that that's the opposite. People getting divorced starting in will not be able to deduct alimony paid and will not have to report as income alimony received.

If you've got new money that you are looking to invest, you may want to be careful as we closer the end of the year about buying into mutual funds.

Make the most or least of alimony. Some of the general tax planning strategies are described below: Anything Tax planning you should have in mind as the year ends? This Exemption is considered very beneficial while doing the Tax Planning to save income tax of a taxpayer.

Tax Gain-Loss Harvesting Tax gain-loss harvesting is another form of tax planning or management relating to investments. However, if the investment interest cannot be fully deducted, it can be carried forward until offset by income.

As the names suggest, these inventory methods differ in the assumption they make about the way items are sold from inventory. The choice of accounting method is an issue in tax planning, as it can affect the amount of taxes owed by a small business in a given year.

As they get toward the end of the year, they tend to pay out their capital gain distributions for the whole course of the year. Assuming '18 and '19 tax laws are the same, then the old standby, as you said, defer income, accelerate deductions probably makes sense.

In addition, the child's wages are still considered a tax deductible business expense for the parent—thus reducing the parent's taxable income. Further, interest is no longer deductible on home equity indebtedness.

According to the IRS, short and long-term capital losses must first be used to offset capital gains of the same type.

The goal is to plan and manage your income taxes, not merely report them. Personal service corporations, like medical and law practices, pay a flat rate of 35 percent. Where I live in Wisconsin we can, but a lot of other states can't.

The exception to that would be, if your own personal situation changes. In contrast, the accrual basis makes a greater effort to recognize income and expenses in the period to which they apply, regardless of whether or not money has changed hands.Tax Consulting/Planning.

One of our many responsibilities to our clients is helping them identify tax savings opportunities. Often, these opportunities are of a limited duration or are targeted to highly specialized aspects of a business’ operations or an individual’s personal situation. Strategic tax planning can create less headaches and more savings.

Your individual and business net incomes are directly impacted by how you properly manage and plan for tax savings. Legal inheritance tax planning is one of the easiest and biggest ways to save money possible - learn more about IHT planning and saving on death duties. From growing your assets, to managing them in retirement, taxes can have a meaningful effect on your financial picture.

Through our tax planning services, your wealth advisor will work closely with you and your chosen tax professional to incorporate tax planning into your overall wealth plan.

New Tax-Planning Opportunities for 2018—Start Making these Moves Now

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Tax planning
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